The Story of Robin Hood

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Our boat is a 1986 53-foot Little Harbor designed by renowned sailor and innovator Ted Hood. She was owned by Ted for a long time and, like all of Ted’s boats, was named “Robin”. We bought her in 2013, just months after Ted passed away, and we named her “Robin Hood” in his honor.

When we found her, she was in her 7th year in heated storage at the Hinckley facility in Portsmouth, RI (Hinckley Co. bought rival Little Harbor in 1999) and she was not exactly in showcase-shape. Mechanically sound, she was covered in dust and littered with the remnants of the past owner’s life aboard.

All dressed up for Independence day, on the dock in Edgartown, on Martha’s Vineyard 2013 🇺🇸

Her unique interior design featuring two forward cabins with bunks–instead of a guest cabin with a larger bed–scared many would-be buyers away. Ted designed her with his own offshore sailing plans in mind, and this cabin design allowed crew to always have a bed on the lee side. Likewise, the aft cabin has a full size bed on the starboard side and a twin on the port side, again choosing offshore comfort over many owners’ preference for a large comfy queen or king bed. We took one look and knew this set-up was perfect for our large family–each kid has a bunk and we have the extra twin in our room which has already come in handy many times. Ted also included a wet bar in the salon with extra storage, an extra fridge and a sink. This means a less open floor plan in the salon, but it does give extra seating and storage…both coveted items on a boat!

We have since done numerous upgrades, replacing almost all major systems except the engine. One thing we have not done yet is re-do the interior…so it is still very 1986. All in good time, though, and in the mean time we are having fun planning and snooping around other boats for inspiration. While a little tired, the woodwork is still beautiful, the beds and cushions clean, and the heads are at least new.

This counter in the middle of the salon is the Ted Hood special–a wet bar!
A favorite game, swinging off the salon table….which is now in dire need of replacement so this particular game has since been banned
SO many dorades! This only shows half of them. They are definitely nice to have in tropical climates but sometimes i wouldnt mind having the extra deck space instead


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  1. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Robin Hood family. Some of my fondest memories are with my grandchildren and you and Jon in the BVIs and Caribbean. I love reading the history of Robin Hood, even knowing most of it. It’s such special history with Ted Hood as it’s beginning.

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