Martha’s Vineyard Fall

I’ve been a terrible slacker when it comes to writing these past few months; I’ve been too busy enjoying the glorious Vineyard autumn. I’ve been painting, beach-combing, and skate-parking on a gorgeous–and relatively deserted–island, so my phone and computer have taken the back burner. Sure, a lot of island favorites close down come October, but we found a lot of new island traditions worth sticking around in the off season for. Tonight we fly South, and we’ll spend the next two months in Miami and Costa Rica. I’m vowing to get better at posting in the new year, so before I fill your feed with palm trees and monkeys, here’s a quick recap of our fall Vineyard faves:

  1. Tashmoo sunsets We live close to Lake Tashmoo, one of our favorite on-the-water spots in the summer. In the off-season we love driving out the bumpy road to the point, watching the water rushing in or out, and seeing the sunset over Vineyard Sound while the reflections light up Tashmoo beach.2. Chappy Beach Drives Most people know Chappaquiddick as the infamous site of Ted Kennedy’s fall from grace. It also happens to be one of the most pristinely beautiful places in the world, and with the right fees you can drive your car right onto the wide beaches. There is a small ferry that holds 3 cars and it runs day and night in between Edgartown and Chappaquiddick. The smaller island boasts roughly 12 year round families , one store, a community center, world-class views of the setting sun hitting Edgartown Lighthouse, and the famous Chappaquiddick Beach Club, after which they modeled the beach club in the locally filmed movie “Jaws”. Even in freezing temps, one of our go-to activities is to follow the Jeep tracks out to the Chappy beaches, build a bonfire and a few frozen sandcastles, and watch for seals.
They haven’t fallen out yet!
This view never gets old—the shadows in the car tracks are oddly beautiful to me
Cape Poge Light
Another day, another beach bonfire

3. After-school beach combing When it’s dark early, you spend what time you can outside–even if it’s chilly. We usually stop at a beach at least once each day and run around until our hands and noses are numb.

My beach boys
After school snack, anyone?
They have no idea how lucky they are
River following wildlife tracks while Rocky follows him
Finding our future Christmas tree ornaments at Lobsterville Beach
And trash. Always trash :-/
  • 4. ALL-over island drives Honestly is there anything better for parents than when all your kids are strapped into a car? Restrained and happy?! I didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of this until this past winter in Antigua. I was new to three-kid life and blindsided by how much I missed the simple act of driving. There are some stunning island drives that are even better once the summer crowds are gone. The boys have been on a big Paul Simon kick so we crank his essentials album and cruise around checking out the farms and beaches.
  • Driving up to the Aquinnah (Gay Head) Lighthouse and cliffs
    The road to Lobsterville Beach
    Any good island drive includes a swing through Edgartown harbor
  • Just another beautiful road in Chilmark
    The drive back to the Chappy Ferry, with the light hitting Edgartown
    State Beach. I literally always pull over at some point along this road for a picture or just to run the boys to the beach for a quick view
  • 5. Squibnocket Beach One of the best surfing spots on the island, Squibnocket got a big facelift this year with a new big parking lot and added sand to its beach.
  • They’ve put in some serious time jumping off this particular rock
  • 6. Painting I spent the fall painting every day and I can’t imagine stopping! I brought my art to two local holiday shows and can’t wait to do some more next summer. Stay tuned for all new work from Costa Rica and Miami!!
  • 7. Skate-parking One of our all-time favorite parts of Martha’s Vineyard is the awesome skate park. We went there several times each week, and even Rocky was trying to shred. We’ll miss the park while we’re away, but I hear Miami has a few skate boarding hot spots, so I think we’ll survive 😉
  • Beautiful November afternoon at the skatepark

    Sometimes they shred, sometimes they watch the pros and soak up some lessons
    Little Rocky is dying to shred
    We’ve had hours of fun playing on the dinghies at Owen Park
    My insane family skinny dipping in October

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